GreatHouse. Great Living.



We are a small residential construction firm based in Roswell and East Cobb. Small is good for our clients. Small means that they will always be able to talk to the Person In Charge, Tim Piendel. Small means that we cannot afford to do careless work. Every job is extremely important, and requires our focus and attention to maintain our high standards of quality and service.

Tim & Jennifer Piendel, GreatHouse

Tim has a master’s degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering, a bachelors degree in Landscape Architectural Contracting, and an associates degree in Natural Resources. He also has extensive experience in both residential design and construction. Jennifer has a degree business and marketing and exceptional organizational skills. Together, they work hard to use their talents to provide exceptional customer service.

Special thanks to our young neighbor, Milner P, who drew the picture above. She gets it. We do take risks as entrepreneurs. And, we do it because we believe we deliver a great product with great value by people you can trust. We hope you agree.

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