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Signs of SPRING!

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Signs of Spring!
Watch as GreatHouse Remodeling signs ‘spring’ up all over town!

It’s the season to renew and refresh your home! We’re ready to help you make the most of your home – ready with ideas, estimates, and 3D plans for your Atlanta kitchen, bathroom, basement, or addition.

Spring days are good days to plan how to take your home from good to GREAT! Visit for inspiration from “Our Work” portfolio.

Please let us know about the project you are considering, call us at 678.352.1035.

Tim Piendel

GreatHouse, Great Winter Mornings

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Instead of a cold start to the day, have a warm and cozy beginning by including a radiant floor heating system in your next remodeling project. Great winter mornings, especially cold days like today, start when your feet hit the warm floor and you look outside at the falling snow! Heated floors offer the best of beauty and comfort. They are energy efficient and cost effective. Installing radiant floor heat keeps you warmer at lower temperatures and cuts down on dust and allergens circulated by forced air heating.

Snow days are good days to think about how take your home from good to GREAT!
Call GreatHouse Remodeling today to discuss your remodeling project!

Tim Piendel

2015 – off to a strong start

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As we enter into February, the economy is showing signs of strong growth. We have had continual inquiries and have not experienced an holiday lull. We are quite bullish on the Atlanta (specifically Cobb county) economic outlook due to multiple factors such as the new medical centers, Braves stadium, kennesaw state’s growth, new soccer/football stadium, and various other growth indicators. What a great time to renovate or sell your home.

New Office/Warehouse

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We are excited to be moving to out new office and warehouse location in Marietta. We hope to be up and running by August 1st. We will now have space to have samples with a small design center.


St Ann Pavilion

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With arches

New England Style Portico

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New England in East Cobb

Insulating Your Attic Rafters

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As we get into the heat of the Atlanta summer many customers are asking about insulating their attic roof. Based on the research that I have seen, I believe it is a great idea, especially if you have an A/C unit in the attic. Your unit will work under less strain and the leaks will condition the space. I the attic roof line is insulated, you must condition the space below to keep the roof from cooking. The cool below will extend the life of the roof. We recommend foaming between the rafters for the best insulating protection.

Pre-Under Deck

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Rebuilding a deck and using trex transcend and an Underdeck system to keep it dry

Catholic Church of St. Ann

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Pavilion on Reilly Field

Making Lemonade – Wine Racks To Cover A Column

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Lemonade from A Lemon

All projects have obstacles, it’s how you handle them!

We recently remodeled a kitchen that included removing a wall and installing a header recessed in the ceiling. We tried very hard to recess the jack studs (supports) as far as we could but they still protruded into the room about six inches. They were coming out exactly where the cabinets were and interfered with the backsplash.

Our customer was apprehensive about this but I told them it would be alright. I told them ‘I will think of something, and, it will be better than if we did not have the problem at all. After a little thought, I remembered back when I first met with them in the evening as they were having a glass of wine. Immediately, came up with an idea and drew it up on in our 3D software. I fired it off to them and and received an immediate positive response.

We built the wine bottle racks and wine glass holders as an afterthought. But, they are now such a key part of the design that we couldn’t imagine the kitchen without them. They are the customer’s the favorite part of the kitchen and show them off regularly.

So remember, remodeling will always have its challenges. Don’t panic, take a moment of pause and make it even better. We always say, ‘Time to make some lemonade!’